Patron Only Bonus: Busted Bestiary Episode 2: Trolls.

Trolls are awful.  They don’t know when to quit, and they just attack people without direction or purpose. Also, fantasy Trolls are pretty terrible too.

If you are a $5+ patron you get to listen to this because you’re pretty special!

$5+ patrons future gifts involve some of the original podcast music, blooper reels, and more Busted Bestiary.

Higher levels contain opportunities to collaborate, receive tangible goods, promote/announce your stuff, and even request custom mini episodes!

Of course, Patreon allows us to improve upon the quality of the podcast, as well as supporting us in this weird and wonderful venture. If you are interested in supporting us, thank you!

If you aren’t interested or can’t, we totally understand. Please consider sharing the podcast with a friend, or leaving us a review on iTunes or Google Plus.

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