List of the Fallen

The persons/monsters below heroically gave their lives to amuse us. If you would like to join them in eternal torment and mockery, you can do so via Patreon

Alyse Capaccio – Drank an unlabeled “potion” from the storeroom. Allergic to peanut oil and spike pits.

Patrick Harris – Caught reading in the library. Death by a thousand paper cuts.

Richard Kreutz-Landry – Maimed, and eventually trisected through a surprising combination of Bloodwraith and a staircase.

Deanna Victoria – Death by mysterious circumstances. In no way related to the Fireball Incident.

Hyatt Lazear – Launched into the battlements by Kobolds. Note: teach kobolds to be more respectful of their new toys. And of other living things, we guess.

Elena – Ennui. Also, a very complex system of cursed runes and 100% intentional spell recoil.

David – Crushed beneath our heels. While trying to steal them.

Joanna – Stabbed to death by ten very enthusiastic goblins during what ended up being a fantastic spontaneous job interview.

Lawrence – Lawrence fell, everyone died. Not from his fall. His death was entirely unrelated.